We are Offical! June 01, 2015 15:49

WOW, not quite sure where the time has gone but we are offical! Yes, business cards and all. Finally we feel like the site is up and working well (thanks for keeping the orders coming). Inventory keeps coming in and ultimately getting shipped back out to customers or purchased in the retail location (that's the idea, right?!).

Just like we've been working on the website, we've been working hard in the store too. Decorating the store is kinda like figuring out what "look" we want the website to have....add a little color here a scroll there, a little of this and a little of that.  We've gotten some pretty cool "vintage" shabby chic pieces for the store to go with our "Uptown Shabby Chic" feel and think it's all FINALLY coming together nicely.  Of course the fun of it is to keep changing just like the style and fashion of the clothing and accessory pieces we purchase (which we hope you are LOVING)! 

We'll be posting some of our new looks we've got in the store and some pretty neat vintage displays soon.  In the meantime enjoy and feel free to browse 24-7.

Gracefully Yours,

graceann B.