God Bless America! July 06, 2015 20:35

God Bless America and Happy July 6th (since we missed you all on the 4th)!

We are so greatful to live in a nation that allows us the freedoms to be able to pursue our dreams and turn them into reality!

Thank You ALL who have made our first few months in business successful! We hope you are ENJOYING all your great purchases and keep checking back for more.  Please feel free to let us know what you are looking for!  We do a lot of posting on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow us to see the latest NEW Arrivals, in fact some items come in and sell so quickly after we post them that they don't make it to the website.  

We are just beginning so there's lots more to come.....stay posted we like to say!

Gracefully Yours.

We are Offical! June 01, 2015 15:49

WOW, not quite sure where the time has gone but we are offical! Yes, business cards and all. Finally we feel like the site is up and working well (thanks for keeping the orders coming). Inventory keeps coming in and ultimately getting shipped back out to customers or purchased in the retail location (that's the idea, right?!).

Just like we've been working on the website, we've been working hard in the store too. Decorating the store is kinda like figuring out what "look" we want the website to have....add a little color here a scroll there, a little of this and a little of that.  We've gotten some pretty cool "vintage" shabby chic pieces for the store to go with our "Uptown Shabby Chic" feel and think it's all FINALLY coming together nicely.  Of course the fun of it is to keep changing just like the style and fashion of the clothing and accessory pieces we purchase (which we hope you are LOVING)! 

We'll be posting some of our new looks we've got in the store and some pretty neat vintage displays soon.  In the meantime enjoy and feel free to browse 24-7.

Gracefully Yours,

graceann B.

Patience my dear! April 20, 2015 19:56

Ok, so lately we've learned ALOT about that thing called "patience" (or at least pretending to have some). Going from a really small store space to a larger soon to be beautiful boutique inside a sucessful salon and spa has made us a little nervous and the timing of all the details is killing us (not really).  Who doesn't want their business to just magically come together, look amazing and oh ya be profitable from day one (crazy, right?!). We've had a blast picking out clothes and accessories we think you will love, and scouting out the perfect boutique decor. Luckily we have an awesome website that will always be a "work in progress" as we figure out what you all like to view, and now a real location for locals to shop inside Avenson Salon Spa (great combo we think!).  We've also been working on building our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest following (loving that part!) so we can share our fashion ideas which just happen to be aligned with our boutique items. Keep checking back and following us on social media as there's lot's of great stuff to come plus an update on the boutique as it will be completed soon. On a sidenote we added the pictures with the hangers in the shopping cart after the sales clerk commented, "Wow that's one big closet you must have" sure is!

Gracefully Yours,


Welcome! March 11, 2015 20:14


We are so excited to have you stop by our site.  Pardon our construction as we will be changing things up a bit as we go, but ya gotta start sometime right?  Talk about getting started, how many of you are ready for some warmer weather and longer days? I  know we sure are but until that weather is here for good be sure to check out our collection of sleeved items. We're sure a few of these items just might fit in with your wardrobe to help the transition to warmer weather especially since it's still cooler in the evening. Be watching for more inventory to arrive. We'll be posting some pics of the boutique as we have starting remodeling it inside the salon (Avenson Salon Spa).  We look forward to a quaint space that really shows off our personality as well as great merchandise.  

Gracefully Yours.